Contractubex Gel

Extractum Cepae Fluid, 
Heparin sodium & Allantoin

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Active ingredient

Each 100 gm gel contains:
• Extractum Cepae Fluid 10 gm
• Heparin sodium 5000 I.U.
• Allantoin 1 gm


  • Movement-restricting hypertrophic.
  • Keloidal Scars and cosmetically disfiguring scars after operations.
  • Amputations, burns and accident.
  • Contractures such as Dupytren's contracture and traumatic tendon contracture.
  • Cicatricial strictures.

Dosage and Administration

  • Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician. Slightly massage Contractubex into the scar tissue several times daily until complete penetration of the gel.
  • Fresh Scars: Treatment can be started just days after wound closure, or 8-10 days after an operation. 
  • Old & hard Scars: It is recommended that the scar be covered with Contractubex and a bandage overnight to enhance deep penetration of the active ingredients.


  • Contractubex should not be used by patients with hypersensitivity to alky-4-hydroxybenzoates (parabenes).
  • Do not use on open wounds, unhealed or mucous membrane.
  • Infants under 1 year old.

Side effects

Contractubex is excellently tolerated even on long-term use. Local skin reactions are expected to occur in only rare cases.

Drug Interaction

No drug interaction occurred.

Pregnancy and Lactation

No controlled study has been conducted in pregnant women or animals. In these conditions, the drug should not be used unless absolutely necessary.

Warning and Precaution

See insert. 

Package and Storage

• Carton Box Containing AL tube of 20 gm & insert Leaflet.
• Store at temperature not exceeding 30 °C

Mother Company

Manufactured by Marcyrl , Under licence from MERZ