Cryptoper Solution


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Active ingredient

Nitazoxanide 100 mg/5 ml


Treatment of Infectious diarrhea due to Giardia Lambalia and cryptosporidium Parvum.

Dosage and Administration

• 1-3 yearsà5 ml/12 hours. 
• 4-11 yearsà10 ml /12 hours.


Sensitivity to Nitazoxanide or any other ingredients.

Side effects

• Cryptoper is generally well tolerated. 
• Abdominal pain, headache, nausea.

Drug Interaction

No drug-drug interactions is reported but caution should be used when administered with other highly plasma protein bound drugs.

Pregnancy and Lactation

• Nitazoxanide is Category B. 
• No data is available in lactating women.

Warning and Precaution

Tell your doctor if you suffer from Kidney or Liver disease.

Package and Storage

• Carton box containing an amber glass Type2 bottle of 60 ml. 
• Storage not exceeding 30 c to be used within 7 days.

Mother Company

Manufactured by Marcyrl