Physiological sol. of Sod.Hyaluronate

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Active ingredient

- Physiological solution of sodium hyaluronate (NaHA).              
- Sodium hyaluronate is obtained by bio-fermentation (Streptococcus Lancefields group A and C) throughout high purification processes which ensure a final product with a defined molecular weight. Concentration 1.6% (32 mg of Na Hyalurinate in 2 ml). Molecular Weight of Hyaluronic Acid is 0.8 - 1.2 M. Dalton.


Indicated in case of:
• Replacement and/or complementing of synovial fluid damaged following degenerative or traumatic origin.
• Diseases of the articulation.
• Pain reduction.
• Improvement of the articular mobility and decreasing use of rescue medication.

Dosage and Administration

  • A course of 3 syringes of Intragel 1.6% is to be injected intra-articularly in the knee with one week apart.
  • The dose is different in other joints – consult your doctor.


None known.

Side effects

None known.

Drug Interaction

None known.

Pregnancy and Lactation

None known.

Warning and Precaution


Package and Storage

Package: 1 prefilled syringe. 

Mother Company

Manufactured by IBSA