Tebonina Forte

Ginkgo extract

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Active ingredient

Ginkgo extract 40 mg


Tebonina forte is indicated for treatment of cerebral performance (decreased mental capacities and vigilance) with the following symptoms:
• Dizziness.
• Tinnitus.
• Headache.
• Memory deficiency.
• Instability of mood accompanied by anxiety.
• As a supportive treatment in hearing deficiency due to cervical syndrome.
• Peripheral arterial circulatory disturbances in case of preserved circulatory reserve (intermittent claudication).

Dosage and Administration

Unless otherwise prescribed, 1 film-coated tablet to be taken unchewed with a little liquid 3 times daily or 2 tablets twice daily.


Tebonina forte is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to ginkgo biloba extract.

Side effects

In rare cases, mild gastrointestinal disorders, headache, or skin reactions have been observed following intake of Tebonina forte.

Drug Interaction

None recorded.

Pregnancy and Lactation

See the insert leaflet.

Warning and Precaution

See the insert leaflet.

Package and Storage

Package: Box of 20 film-coated tablets in strips of 10 tablets each.

Mother Company

Manufactured by Pharco , Under licence from Schwabe